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Epiphone EA-250 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar 1972 - 1974 Cherry Japan

For sale is an Epiphone EA-250. It is an archtop electric guitar manufactured by Matsumoku and sold 1970 to 1974 or '75 in the United States under the Epiphone brand. Gibson, the owner of Epiphone since the late 1950s, abandoned manufacturing of Epiphone-branded instruments in 1969 and started importing Epiphone-branded instruments from the Matsumoku company in 1970. These instruments were not based on previous Epiphone or Gibson designs. The 5102T was among these first imported Epiphone instruments. It came in one color—redburst, had a maple laminate body (nearly hollow: just a 3/4" square block from top to bottom below the bridge), maple bolt-on neck, two doublecoil pickups with black plastic covers and "staple" poles alongside screw poles, and a vibrato operating similarly to a Bigsby vibrato. This guitar is in nice used condition, very playable with low action. You don't see these very often!



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