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NUX Mighty Lite BT mkII Portable Desktop 3W Amp for Guitar and Bass

*All of the brand and model names mentioned on this page are Trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with NUX Effects and Cherub Technology CO. LTD.

Mighty Amp APP & Mighty Editor Software

The MightyAmp™ APP and Mighty Editor™ edit software let’s you tweak all the signal blocks and parameters. The MIGHTY LITE BT MKII includes GATE, EFX, AMP, IR, MOD, DLY and RVB signal blocks. Along with the included 34 built-in IRs, here are 20 empty slots, for 3rd party IRs loading. No need to worry about the sampling rate, Mighty Editor™ edit software can convert the WAV(IR) format automatically.


“The MIGHTY LITE BT MKII includes USB-C Audio, so it can be a USB recording interface. It supports Normal/ Dry Out/ Re-amp/ Loopback routing. Set it up via the MightyAmp™ APP or Mighty Editor™ edit software. You can also livestream with Loopback!”

BLUETOOTH indicator

When connecting a Bluetooth enabled mobile device to the MIGHTY LITE BT MKII’s Bluetooth audio, the BLUETOOTH indicator will turn on “Blue”.

(If not connected, the BLUETOOTH indicator will flash “Blue”.)


Operation: You can connect Bluetooth Audio from “Settings” on the mobile phone to play audio through the MIGHTY LITE BT MKII. Click “Settings” on the mobile phone. Enter “Bluetooth”, and choose “NUX NGA-3BT”, while you connect MIGHTY LITE BT MKII’s Bluetooth audio, you will hear a connection sound.

If you wish to disconnect the MIGHTY LITE BT MKII, just press and hold the PRESET button/indicator to disconnect. Then you can connect to MIGHTY LITE BT MKII manually.

Note: The Bluetooth audio and Bluetooth MIDI are independent, you have to connect them separately. Both of these connections must be made in order to use the MIGHTY LITE BT MKII’s full functionality.

MightyAmp™ APP connects with the device.

Operation: Launch the MightyAmp™ APP on your mobile phone, and press “Settings” to choose “Current Amp” as “MIGHTY LITE BT MKII”, then “Click to Scan Devices”. The APP will find “MIGHTY LITE BT MKII”. Now select it, and the APP will connect with the device.

NOTE: The APP uses Bluetooth MIDI to communicate with the device.


NOTE: For Android OS, you may need to turn on GPS permission.

PRIVACY NOTE: Please note that we do not use any of your GPS data. It is required by Android that all mobile applications that scan for Bluetooth devices must request permission in the manifest file. This LOCATION permission is required because it may be possible to guess the location of an Android device by seeing which BTLE devices are nearby. Please refer to Android Developer for more information.

PRESET switch & indicator

While the device is engaged, you can press the PRESET switch to change the preset from 1~7. The indicator will display colors related to specific presets.


NOTE: You can adjust which preset can be ACTIVE while you press the PRESET switch through MightyAmp™ APP or Mighty Editor™ edit software. (ACTIVE function)


MightyAmp™ APP example: Choose preset 1, 3, 5, 7 and press Active icon, then the device will know preset 1, 3, 5, 7 will be chosen while you press the PRESET switch.

Mighty Editor™ example: Click ? icon, the 7 PRESETS will be COLORED, then choose the ones you want to active, like 1, 3, 5, 7. Then press ? icon again, Mighty Editor™ will show current preset, and according to the interface, you will see which is be chosen with ?.


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