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Uncle Jon’s Music is a family-owned retail music store and service center. We are lifelong Westmont residents and pride ourselves on offering quality products at competitive prices and extra special customer service. Call us on the phone (630) 434-2480 and one of us will answer-no need to run through a series of menus and prompts. Stop by and you will see one of us; we will always be here to help before and after the sale. Learn more about our store.

Jon Sr. and Jr. play live music in
The Flat Cats, a popular Chicagoland jazz and swing ensemble. Other family groups include the Ice Cream Vendors, SMOKER, UJM Ukulele Circle, and Susie & The Snoozers (to name a few). We have professional experience performing and this offers a unique insight into helping you find the perfect instrument!

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Music Lessons
Learn at your own pace and achieve your musical goals.
Learn more.

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Ukulele Circle
Join in the fun. We meet monthly to strum and sing together. All are invited. Learn more.
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UJM News
What’s new? Check the news page for new products, events, customer photos, sales, and more.
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Check out some of our new and used gear. Contact us for availability or if there is something particular you are searching for. Shop online.
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Store Hours
Monday-Thursday 12:30pm-8pm
Friday 12:30pm-5pm
Saturday 10:30am-4:30pm
Sunday Closed
Call or text 630-697-0475 for help after hours